Our Parties

Party 1 - Cranberry Battle (11/10/2001)

The Cranberry Battle was our first party. Despite our concerns, it was a wild success with 26 different dishes entered. Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures, so this party is meagerly documented in text at best. Three prizes were awarded.

Crispy Shitake Mushroom Noodle Pancake
Party 2 - Shitake Mushroom Battle (4/27/2002)

The Shitake Battle was much better organized. As dishes came in (with their cooks, of course), they were directed to the staging area, issued a number, photographed, and prepped, before being moved to the buffet. 18 dishes were offerred, four prizes were awarded.

Party 3 - Onion Battle (3/22/2003)

The Onion battle was an excellent -- but pungent -- competition! Unfortunately, the pictures taken came out too poorly to publish, so we've only got the score sheet to remember the battle in all its glory!